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Feedback from App

iPhone or iPad - I would like to learn more about…
  • Add Pictures to Contacts
  • Attach document to email
  • Connect Wireless Mouse or Keyboard (Bluetooth)
  • Create folders / Albums in (Photos App)
  • Create Login (Password Protect)
  • Create Reminders
  • Delete email address from history list
  • Delete Songs/Music from Device
  • Download Attachments
  • Downloading photos from iPhone/iPad to Computer
  • How to Delete a Page
  • How to Delete Web Pages
  • How to determine if connection restricted by company network
  • How to Find Version Number of App
  • How to manage iTunes (Asked submitter for additional details)
  • How to Remove Items in Google
  • How to Send Pictures
  • How to setup data account (Asked submitter for additional details)
  • How to Take a Picture (Camera App)
  • How to use Camera (HD Mode and other Options)
  • Import Contacts
  • Increasing Battery Life or Reducing Battery Consumption
  • Manage Tabs
  • Move App to Another Page
  • Post Video's and Pictures to Facebook
  • Print
  • Put a lock on Safari or Emails (Asked submitter for additional details)
  • Setting up Facetime
  • Show full details in Emails Received
  • Sync Notes
  • Sync Pictures
  • Sync with Bluetooth Device for Playing Music
  • Texting
  • Transfer files
  • Using F Keys or Command Keys on Wireless Keyboard
  • Where to Find Favorites
iPod - I would like to learn more about…
  • How to Check Battery Percentage
iPhone - I would like to learn more about…
  • Differences between Green and Blue Text Messages
Mac - I would like to learn more about…
  • Accessibility options (voice control)
  • Add Pictures to Contacts
  • iMessage
  • Import Contacts
  • Siri
  • Sync Notes
  • Sync Pictures
Feedback already implemented in App
  • Make folders of apps (How to Create Folders)
  • How to Hide an App or icon (Refer to deleting app or moving app, unable to hide app, however can move to another page or folder)
  • Delete an App (iPhone and iPad) - Available in App (How to Delete an App or How to Delete an App from Settings)
  • Apple iPhone 3GS (Videos and Step-by-Step instructions should be compatible with older versions of the iPhone). New videos and instructions are created with the latest public version of iOS.
  • Rotation (How to Set Rotation Lock)
  • Setup Emoji (How to Enable Emoji (Emotions)
  • How to Create Contact Group on a Mac (How to Create Contact Group in Address Book)
  • How to Setup Wi-Fi on a Mac (How to Setup Wi-Fi)
Feedback unable to implement at this time because of iOS limitations or other Reason
  • How to Make Folders in Pictures - Not currently an option in Camera App in iOS5
  • How to Organize Pictures - Not currently an option in Camera App in iOS 5
  • How to have Internet all the time
  • Sharing from iPad/iPhone to Facebook (Options coming in iOS 6)
  • Learn Language (Some translation apps are available to help with learning a language)
  • How to watch TV (Some news, and other TV apps are available to watch TV)
  • Autism (Search on Autism for possible Apps on Autism)
  • Create more storage space (Space is limited by the size iPhone/iPad purchased)
  • How to use third party apps (Instructions are included for some apps)